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Sundry Strangeness

Bad Reception

A short vampire film with my name in the credits and my body in the coffin. Screened at A Night Of Horror 2009 and the Vampire Film Festival 2009.

The Nightmare Ball

Staged by the Australian Horror Writers Association at Worldcon 68 (Aussiecon 4). I believe my title was "Organiser."

Rookwood, a phantasmagoria

A prose poem in honour of the 150th anniversary of the largest cemetery in the Southern Hemisphere.

Bookshops & Beer Zombies

Two urban horror role-playing scenarios. Stats are Unisystem, the concepts universal.

Arcanities–Books and Antiques
The Schreibach Estate

Masks, Magic & Mayhem

It was the 90s. We ran a LARP club. We were crazy.

And while we're on the subject... Tales of Inappropriate LARP